Actually, I figured what I was doing wrong. I will add a note to the article so folks can see this right away. You can also try installing Samba instead of the MacOS implementation of SMB. I did find two posts that might be helpful to get this running right: Github, all manual at MacWorld, and possible the most helpful is this post at MacRumors.It seems related to Apple services starting first, so you’d have to make sure Windows sharing is totally disabled. Now go to the “Applications” folder and double click the “SMBUp” application to start it. I’m Italian I’m sorry. If these options are grey; use the padlock to enable them. So heres a quick Video on a Alternative Fix for SAMBA as you know SAMBA is broken in OS X/macOS. Enter the password and click “Add user“, rinse and repeat if needed for other users – for a simple share you’ll only need one user, specially when “guest access” will be allowed. I have tested this Mac OS X SMB Fix under Yosemite 10.10.2, with XMBC/Kodi as a client on an Android device , and it works great! Donations are very much appreciated, but not required. He says user and pw do not match but it is not true .. they are right. I’m not running SMBUp right now, but I suspect this might be an empty or corrupted preferences file – then again, I’m not the developer. For a share, in SMBUp, click “Advanced Server Configuration” and look for these options:“Client NTLM v2 Auth”, “client PlainText Auth”, “NTLM Auth”. Will any of this help, or i ma missing a step somewhere? Small and free utility to rename custom Beat Saber song files (zip) to a more readable/sortable format. I’ve ran into slow stuff like that as well. Diging a bit more I discovered that for some reason the Launchd script /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.samba.smbd.plist is not starting at boot although it is loaded in Launchd as an active script. In the past I could back-track it to WiFi just being slow, or excessive tasks running on my “server”, since their CPU’s are usually tiny. Searching Google for “10.11.5 slow smb” returns pages full of results of people reporting the same issue. I suspect it had to do with the RAID card (actually, two that we tried), but I wasn’t prepared to switch card vendors and back up, reformat, and restore our 56TB of data on the volumes just to find out. Tweaking4All uses cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. I am setting an iMac to be a file server for Kodi at home and SMB has been a nightmare. So I excluded one of the shares from the live scan and hey presto, fast Finder access again. Finder will ask for username and password if the share requires this. macOS 10.15 (Catalina) finally broke SMBUp for good as Catalina only supports 64-bit apps and that is a no-go for SMBUp. Changing connection from SMB to AFP, reconnected share, no impact. Unfortunately, I have not tested SMBUp with Sierra yet.Anyone out there willing to chime in who actually tested this? Another thing that might block installation or the functioning of SMBup could be a firewall and/or antivirus software (see for example this discussion). SMBUp is a free application that replaces the Apple SMB implementation with the Open Source Samba version. I have followed steps 1 (via SMB), and when that failed, step 2 (via USB). In any case, my ethernet adapter in Mac OS Maverick now shows disconnect and won’t pull an ip address…   I have Mac OS Snow Leopard running and that is fine along with the rest of my Windows images that I’m running under the Virtualbox. The other 4 should remain active. You’re right that it’s still more than for Windows apps. Server serving the network share: 2) Your connection to the SMB server is unreliable. Keep in mind that a donation is much appreciated by the developer …. Below are suggested parameters to use in smb.conf file of the Samba server to improve operability with Mac OS X clients. Installed it and it is working well. And it does. […] Mac OS X SMB Fix, or How to install SMBUp […], this is a great and well written article, does anyone know if this resolves the issues with indexing an SMB share running on a Windows machine from MacOS Sierra? Selecting a share and pressing the “delete” key removes them. I quit, spent way to many days trying to fix win 10. I helped me make SMBup work, I had been trying without your tutorial and couldn’t figure it out. unfortunately, I have not tested SMBup with macOS Sierra (10.12.x) – I assume that’s the macOS version you’re referring to? I logged out and back in and it works. I also have had that “not active” problem, but usually it was some glitch caused by disk permissions and I had to use various applications to fix the disk permissions if Disk Utility didn’t fix the problem. Win 7 and XP work fine. I was downloading the zip files from Safari, which automatically opened the zip, which left me with the folder. This issue occurs in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. You can add SMBUp to your startup items, which worked for me at the time, and for the latest info you may want to check the SMBUp website. I plan on sharing the folder between both Mac and Windows so I checked both servers but you can enable just SMB and it would work just as fine. […] the Mac instead of using Finder, editing nsmb.conf to set notify_off=true, specify a workgroup, replace Apple’s broken custom implementation of Smb client with Samba, use third party network configuration apps, connect the Apple to the AD domain, rollback to OSX […]. I installed the new OSX and I can not access my files to see through Boxee Box and KODI. Please remove the “Everything back to normal if needed” part. The “usual” approach to connect (if you can’t see the server in your Finder) is by using (in Finder menu): Go -> Connect to Server.Say you 3DS has the IP address and the share is called “myshare” then you could try entering this:smb:// Maybe a permission issue. we got caught out by the upgrade and it is causing issues for one of our users. Ich hatte vergessen zu erwähnen, dass es sich bei mir um einen Apple TV 4 handelt. your Mac as a Samba client). I’m just super grateful that SMBUp exists! I have found that the Finder is not the fastest either. I usually test with 2 or 3 other computers to see if it’s my computer or my server. Seems to me there might be something else not quite right.Of course you can give SMBUp a try, you can remove it later, but I’d first try to find what the real problem is. Thanks! This is a very nice post and a fantastic tutorial for SMBUp. Mais ce n'est pas ça car il n'a aucun problème pour accéder aux partages SMB de mon When accessed through Kodi, this worked! All – having issues with latest version of MacOS. However, I did not develop SMBUp, Eduo did, so all credits go to him.The automatic start without having to click anything would indeed be nice to have indeed! It would show you all the folders that are shared, choose one that you want to mount of your Mac. I’m not sure I would have got there so quickly if you hadn’t happen to mention anti virus, so thank you very much. I honestly thought OSX Server had already died – but I was wrong ($20 in the Apple Store).I have no idea if it would pickup Open Directory (did find this little setup guide for setting OD on OSX Server), but I guess that’s not what you’re asking. Impossible, I can not get it to work. did you try “Unlock the padlock again so the “Start” button is operational again!” – I recall that on occasion I would have to do this twice. Most come from the fact the SMBUp tries to do some stuff that wasn’t designed to be automated in a front-end, especially for automations on OS X. Apple can’t include Samba any more, and that would be the only way to support all the devices out there that use it. Hi I have a problem. In all honesty, for Windows I’d know where to look for these settings, but have no clue where to look for a Mac.I have found the OSXDaily article, which explains the settings for the Wake on LAN magic packet, but I still wouldn’t know ho to have the AppleTV sent this. Go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Windows File Sharing, and re-enable the access (uncheck and check the checkbox twice, to make sure). I’ve found PathFinder to be a little faster, but it comes with it’s own issues …. Another issue might be that the Amazon Fire TV is not restoring the connection properly either. My first guess however would be that your WiFi isn’t stable enough. Added new configurable NFS parameters, reveal in Finder options, and Big Sur compatible menubar icon. You are right that the time is excessive and your response made me think that maybe I’m troubleshooting the wrong thing. Mein iMac ist per Lan Kabel angeschlossen und hat auch alle Freigaben aktiv. A better trick would be to actually install Samba 3.0, after all it’s freely available, and should run on a Mac. T H A N K   Y O U of taking the time to write this. If I quit the program and reopen it, the share is gone. I see Samba3 files (config files and launch scritps) are installed and could play a bit with them on command line, but my Shares will only show up once I fire up SMBup. as an example “Movies Action” is on disk A, B, C and D. but now I have 4 x Action on the Apple TV. I’ll admit that I haven’t used SMBUp in a while, now that SMB seems more reliable with the latest MacOS X Sierra versions.Having a share set for both approaches (MacOS and SMBUp at the same time) might indeed cause issues. Thanks for leaving a positive feedback – glad to hear it worked well for you as well.I too had done several attempts in the past to get this going. More info: I am now on Catalina, but I had the problem on earlier versions too. -As you noticed, *any* change requires saving the configuration (as it’s a single file). Having previously used Xserves in our environment, we temporarily went with a tricked out 2012 Mac Pro running Mac OS X Server Yosemite, with an Areca RAID card and external mini-SAS array for about a year, but that combination turned out to be unstable. Click “Manage Users” and select the user you’d like to add. If you find something that does work, then please post your solution here – I’m sure others will benefit from it as well. SMBUp Doesent’t work with Yosemite and WDTV (3 generation). The issue would be, that if you’d write a file to such a combined share, that the computer/server would not know to which drive to write. However, there’s one problem. Join me in my development, design and electronics journey. Hello , is there any way to make it work in OSX SMBup Capitan? How Creative Professionals Struggle with Mac/SMB File Sharing Submitted by Alexey Sotnikov on 20 Apr 2017 The presence of Apple Macs in business is growing and IT administrators must take special steps to ensure that Mac users can effectively utilize basic services like network file access, searching, sharing, and printing. -The Protocol is called SMB (or CIFS) and is owned by Microsoft, “Samba” is an open source implementation of this protocol. SMBUp in essence disables the SMB service created by Apple, and replaces it with Samba. I had to go thru the trouble of reloading the Maverick again, so is there anyway to fix the network adapter ? Restarting your Mac will not automatically restart the share(s). Keep in mind that at the time of this writing, SMBUp is mainly aimed at getting a SMB server going – i.e. Unlock the padlock again so the “Start” button is operational again! Has anyone tried this on an OS X Server with and open directory? Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a96adcc998db07903d455e8d5eb12518" );document.getElementById("fcc6e8cdc1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I hope one day it will be updated to resolve the issue. I’m glad it has been resolved.May I ask which channels you’ve added and where you got the addon? If you’re a Mac user, and you’re enjoying the newer MacOS X versions, then you might have noticed that Apple’s own implementation of SMB simply sucks … it just doesn’t work and for a company like Apple to just leave it this way is beyond me. January 17, 2019 January 28, 2019 Dave Nathanson Mac, Technical Documentation. That’s awesome – glad you found the culprit! I hope this get’s you started … feel free to ask if this isn’t working .. i have a 3ds and  i want to connect to it using samba, but every time osx show error, because what i understand here is how to create a samba server but is there a solution or a samba client that  work on osx. The main problems with AFP, an Apple product, would be that even Apple is abandoning it, and you can’t simply browse for a share in for example Kodi/XBMC. A third option would be by adding the repository, where the ZIP file came from, to your KODI. For one, I have only enabled SMB on my QNAP. SMBUp is 32bits, and this means that Catalina users are out of luck: Well, to be honest I’m not quite sure … for now I’ll blame Apple, either for no longer using Samba 3.0 or for creating a crappy implementation on their own and doing (seemingly) zero effort to fix issues with their implementation. This is the 32 bit Windows version. The biggest problem I’ve run into, is that it seems impossible to simply share a directory or drive on your Mac with other devices – like for example Windows computers, certain Android devices, etc. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post a “Thank you” note – it’s much appreciated and a motivator . Again, this program and your instructions rock!! I see we crossed posts with the same idea …. This is a debug/beta version of ApplePi-Baker v2 and for testing purposes only! In our environment, AFP has slightly better sustained read speeds with 1 Gb Ethernet to the NAS, but SMB has better (and more consistent) sustained write speeds with 10 Gb Ethernet, which we use with two tower Mac Pros with 10 Gb cards. Using it, I was able to get SMBUP working very quickly on Yosemite 10.10.5. However … they used different users and rights when writing files, therefor causing permission issues. But I would say that is maybe 1 in 25,000 users … which is a shame. I’ve also tried with SMBConf , but my level of computing is not as high. The WDTV see the MacPro but can not access the files. SMBconf switches to SMB 1 on OS X 10.9 or later. If that’s what you mean, you’d probably have to create a shared directory on your desktop and let your Canon Image Runner know about it. The problem might be that even after you successfully get the scanner configured to save … Forgot to mention…   I tried to reinstall the smb and it keeps saying if failed to find connection 1 and connection 2, and tries to go out onto the internet for something but of course there is no internet access so the program just crashes at that point…, I had to uninstal and reinstall the virtualbox with a certain parameter to get the bridge mode to work until a fix is found for. As far as I know the search function is disabled by default in Spotlight, but it can be turned on, but has to be turned on again each time you reboot or Log Off. If I enter an account from the windows computer I can access the files. Any suggestions? Click “Install Samba for me” and in the next windows “OK, help me install the software” and “Download & Install Package“. Let’s see if I can give a helping hand. sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.samba.smbd.plist, sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.samba.nmbd.plist. If one Mac uses SMBUp and the otherone uses Apple SMB, then you could look into this: It could be that your WDTV uses the older NTLM authentication method and might not support the newer types (yet). Not sure why i can access this one drive but no these other two… I’m wondering if I have to remove the shared drives from the native Sharing preference on my machine? I’d leave that one checked for your first tests.I’d first check “Client NTLM v2 Auth” and see if that works. Mac OS X SMB Fix, or How to install SMBUp, ConnectMeNow v3 – Mount Network Shares Quick and Easy on a Mac, MacOS X – How to take Screenshots and add Annotations, Quickly connect Network shares on a Mac with ConnectMeNow, High-Speed Data Transfers between two Macs with Thunderbolt, How to record the screen of your iOS device in Mac OS X, MacOS X – How to add Facebook Chat to Messages …, How to Format the Apple USB Restore stick …, Create an installation disk (USB or DVD) for MacOS X, MacOS X – How to remove pre-installed applications, //, //, trouble shooting connection issues with Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, iTools - Copy video to iOS device without iTunes, Couch Potato, Sick Beard, SABnzbd tips & tricks, MacOS X - Music or Movie as iPhone Ringtone, MacOSX - WALTR - Get Media to iOS without iTunes, Windows - Music or Movie as iPhone Ringtone, Windows - WALTR - Get Media to iOS without iTunes, How to create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate, How to Flush your local DNS (Mac, Windows, Linux), Windows 10 – Testing applications safely in Windows sandbox, Trim, Crop and Rotate Video with Handbrake, Getting started with the ESP8266 as an Arduino replacement. I actually keep my computer (laptop) in standby pretty much all the time. Arduino – All LEDStrip effects in one (NeoPixel and FastLED), Half-Life: Alyx – Console Commands and Cheats. These and more of our favorite links can be found on the Links Page. I sure hope someone is able to update SMBUp to become a 64-bit app. Ehm … I have not run into that scenario … that can be pretty annoying to have to grant access each time you boot your computer. Required fields are marked *. I haven’t been able to get this working yet, and I think it is because when I “get info” on the 2 shared Folders through Finder, I see that my “sharing only” user comes up as “fetching”. The one area where the QNAP isn’t as good as OS X Server is with permissions, especially with regard to inheriting permissions of folders when moving files from protected locations. There are TWO important possible symptoms & causes you may want to investigate. Please report issues. -Dragging folders onto the list can add them quickly. Now it;s working. I have tested this Mac OS X SMB Fix under Yosemite 10.10.2, with XMBC/Kodi as a client on an Android device , and it works great! Two suggestion I found there, worth trying: To re-enable windows file sharing you could try two things: 1. Using zeroconfig browser I can see the drives that I’ve shared and the folders within them, but I am not able to see or select any of the actual files. Second option would copying the ZIP file on a USB drive and plugging that drive (FAT formatted) in to your nVidia or Nexus. Hey everyone, I have installed SMBup on My Mac Mini and while I have had success accessing one of my shared drives over my network, there are still a few others that are inaccessible. Thanks for everything. Hello. I have changed from bridge to nat mode and nothing seems to work…    That smb removal screwed something up royally…. If you face issues connecting to your NAS, or connections to Windows file servers don't work as expected (e.g., inability to rename files or folders), it may help to switch back to the slower but more reliable SMB 1. I have a 2018 iMac and I followed all steps but I have a red not active still? Thanking you in advance, and I really appreciate all your help. Is there a way that a folder appears on multiple hard drives as a path? … Now that we have at least one user, time to add the folder or drive we would like to share – this can be on the internal harddisk of your Mac or on an external drive. Just as any major software update, macOS Big Sur might be misbehaving on your Mac. Hi can someone please help me, i have installed smbup and setup shares and they work but as soon as i restart my Mac the shares are no longer available, how do I get around this. It’s much appreciated! According to our speed tests with the NAS, the read/write performance of SMBUp clients is pretty much exactly the same as it was with the Apple SMB client. I’m trying to picture what might be going on, so in both cases (Network and USB), you can see the share or folder where the file should be, but you cannot see the file? 1) Uninstall the Daemons with the uninstall function of SMBup. I have an issue with the SMB shared folders by MAC OS, I'm able to access them in my home network from a PC running Windows 10 pro, but the search function doesn't work. Which would be a no-no. As a developer of other applications, I have noticed that Apple is making it more and more difficult (and significantly less fun) for developers. I put it(SMBUp) in my user profile/Admin under “login items” and it comes up on start up and wants me to unlock it to start the service. This article is from 2015, so about 4 years old, and I myself no longer use this option – mostly because I no longer have the need to have an SMB share on my Mac. Thanks for confirming! ), My home town ... Ulvenhout in the Netherlands (Noord Brabant). Instead of the normal 100MB/sec transfer speeds I typically see between my Macbook Pro and my Synology NAS on a gigabit (wired) network, I was seeing something closer to 30MB/sec.Turns out I’m not the only one with this issue. If it is not, try the guide that shows how to enable vfs_fruit module for Samba, I believe this is only useful if the server hosting the share is NOT a Mac as it enables better Mac compatibility for Samba. SMBUp is a free application that replaces the Apple SMB implementation with the Open Source Samba version. Everyone just repeats the same none working fixes. Find these and more Downloads on the Downloads Page, where you will also find articles references, operating system requirements and categories. If every user would donate a buck, it would cover my time and server expenses. Thanks! I have figured out what was going wrong! I am trying to scan to folder using a ricoh machine (c401). I never liked the performance of AFP and I have heard rumors that even Apple is abandoning it. If you’re going to give this a go, just be aware that it’s not a simple uninstall. Elementary OS, is my favorite Linux distribution. For both business and pleasure. If I leave the program running it would dissappear after some time. Am I missing something here? Mac supports both SMB and AFP servers where the latter is built for Apple devices only. And, I can share folders to a Linux machine. p.s. miniWol is a simple, but effective application to send Wake On LAN to network devices. (just in case a visitor here is looking for something like that as well). (click … So whether you try the beta or install the public version, macOS Big Sur problems are possible. Thank you very much for your detailed response. We get about 450 MB/sec write and 650 MB/sec read to the QNAP NAS, which has a 10 Gb card and twelve 8TB 7200 rpm Enterprise drives in RAID 6, plus two SSDs for write caching. Greeting Roland. Check the box next to your account and click Done. Depends on what’s connecting and how. You can now quit the SMBUp application – the share(s) will remain active. Since the application checks for version updates I have a rough idea of its usage and installations and the lack of donations became the main reason no further updates to SMBUp were made after the current (stable) one (which is the point when the application became 100% useable for me, so I don’t need added functionality for it). Many computer people assume others know what all their abbreviations and jargon mean. Tis however might not be the case in your setup – sounds like you’re very familiar with what you’re doing. First, and both crudest and simplest, is to force your Mavericks Mac to use SMB instead of SMB2. This starts the SMB service. I am trying to get access to some international channels for my grandparents, however, the specific channels instruct me to download a zip file. share a folder on your Mac. I am not aware of its limitations or how to set it up right, however. Thank you very much for those have donated already! First thing I did was to click the padlock in the upper left corner to unlock it – you’ll have to enter your password here. Beta version for ConnectMeNow - introducing a helper tool, fixed wrong name in plist, fixed Big Sur icon. I didn’t know you could do that – seems like a dangerous thing to do!Or did you mean in SMBUp? Thanks for posting! Before running SMBUp, make sure Apple’s SMB sharing is turned off because I think that can also stop SMBUp from becoming active or installing. After your earlier post, I had a look at the built in Anti Virus scanner on the NAS and found that Live scan was scanning all traffic in and out. I develop some apps myself as well, even though they might not be the most significant apps in the world, working on them consumes a lot of time. Fix shared folder permissions Mac OSX AFP SMB. You can find it in the menu bar. I am pretty sure it works on EI Capitan (15E65), (with a standard user and a public folder). Just to be sure I clicked “Update“, “Save All” and finally “Start” and … your Mac OS X SMB Fix, SMBUp, is up and running! Thanks again Hanz! install fine. Great resource when you're looking for alternatives for an application that you'd like to use, but might not be available on your platform or the application you have is just not doing it right. When connected via SMB in Mac OS X 10.10.X and 10.11.X, certain Photoshop files on the NAS would open fine, but users would get an error message when trying to save changes; something the effect of “no write permissions.” However, the actual permissions of the files were fine, and Macs connected via AFP had no problems saving changes. the virtualbox bridge problem…    Not sure if this has anything to do with my network adapter issue in Mac OS Maverick.. VirtualBox-x.x.x-yyyyy-Win.exe -msiparams NETWORKTYPE=NDIS5. Please note that, according to this post, SMBUp doesn’t need to be running for the shares to work. Right mouse button does not work, but the Delete button on the keyboard has worked! The Apple instructions are simple, but simply do not work, or work only on occasion. Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix.. Samba is Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License, the Samba project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy. I’ll admit that I’m just guessing with the deletion procedure right now. miniWol is a simple, but effective application to send Wake On LAN to network devices. 2.-Go to Network -> Advanced -> WINS: Modify your machine name twice and apply. The article is more than 2 years old and at the time, with the equally old macOS version, going back to normal worked.I’m not the developer of SMBup, so I have little influence on “updating” the procedure. Another issue might be your Mac falling asleep, although one would hope things restore normally when waking up. Have one annoying issue though which I wondered if you might know about. the iSleep tool monitors the network traffic. Sorry that I didn’t have the answer right away …. This can be a little bit tricky, but you have to find where the USB drive is mounted, and it might require your device to be rooted – which I cannot recommend unless you really know what you’re doing. Yeah, we have the QNAP TVS-EC1680U-SAS-RP R2, which has two special mSATA slots on the motherboard for SSD caching, without taking up any of the 16 regular drive slots. device and I’m not sure what Samba version this would be using? This means that, with any luck, SMBUp won’t be necessary in the future for anyone :). I’ll update when I have done the test on the other NAS’s. Well, we found that SMB is much faster when working off the NAS in InDesign; AFP seems to cause sluggishness whenever InDesign does auto-saves, and it’s really irritating. Keep in mind that a donation is much appreciated by the developer …. Also worth a try to access the same shares from a different computer, running a different OS or a different OS version. This is simply not correct and very misleading. Click “Add new Shared Drive” and select the drive or folder you’d like to share. It’s more than worth it, and a habit I’ve seen work better in the Mac community than I ever did in the Windows community. It's a common complaint that in recent versions of Mac OS 10.x, browsing Windows-hosted SMB shares is incredibly slow. Or . If when you open SMBUp the “LED” is green, then Samba was already running. Nice to hear that this short article was helpful for you, and thank you for taking the effort to leave a feedback, it’s much appreciated! You can add “SMBup” to your login items – you can do that in your System Settings.Go to “System Settings”, click “Users & Groups”, click  “Login Items”  and finally click “+“ to select and add it. The WDTV instead see an older Mac OSX 10.8.8 Leopard. Cette fois ce sont les partages SMB de mon Mac (sous 10.12) qui sont inaccessibles depuis mon PC W10 pro du boulot (quand il est sur mon réseau perso, évidemment). It’s always helpful when users post “the fix” … so thank you for taking the effort to do so, and I’m glad to hear yours is up and running! By the way; checking the “Hide” box in the login items did “hide” SMBUp during startup.However; mine never asks for a password. This is the signed 64 bit MacOS version. I’m very grateful that some users actually take the time to donate. but it refuses to connect. I’m running OSX 10.11.5. In that case, in KODI: go to System – Addons – Install from ZIP file – root fileSystem. Once I follow your instructions on sharing a folder with the Kodi zip file I need, how on earth do I access this zip file from Kodi? Support us by doing your shopping at, either click the link, or click one of the links below …. I had some instructions but I’d recommend yours over mine any time. With a different drive, I see a “white document icon” next to the name of the drive. I’m not sure if yours will fall asleep while accessing it. My 3 win 10 pro machines is a no go, same as everyone else. One thing I notice is the share folder keep disappearing from smbUP. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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