It has a gothic church feel to it, without being too grotesque. And during summer times you will find a nicely secluded beer garden with untypical music and more untypical opening hours (no curfew!). With a fantastic sound system, Bob Beaman is small and intimate but packs a punch in the Munich nightlife scene. As a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur and nightclub expert, who has lived in Munich for two years, I’ll be your insider guide. I always tip at a fancy restaurant. If you find yourself in Niedernberg, make sure to stop by their brewery, if not keep a look out for their beers in Munich. While Munich can’t rival Berlin, I will say the great thing about Munich; everyone is welcome – looking at you Berghain. Andreas-Danzer-Weg 30, 85716 Unterschleißheim. Klenzestraße 89, 80469 München. Open map. We’re staying in Schwabing – excited to hit the town! Be prepared to spend a bit of money and wait a bit for your drinks, most of their cocktails take a while to make and cost between 12-16 Euros, but they use quality liquor and have a great presentation. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. It is an indoor event and much smaller than other fests. Open at 7 pm closed on Sunday Die Nr.1 der besten Steakhouses: Little London Bar&Grill . Hours are limited and change often Google maps is usually up to date for them. Would love personalized recs! Ihr könnt zwischen verschiedensten Fleischsorten wählen und diese Individuell zubereiten lassen. Most nightclubs and bars open late. Additionally, you have to turn your phone in, and they put stickers on your camera, and phones are only allowed in a certain area. Just make sure you don’t see the word “sports” anywhere in there Richelstraße 26, 80634 München. Boulevardier bar loves their Campari, and most of their art focuses on this ingredient. Holy Home is in my favorite area of Munich, Gartnerplatz. Cooler Effekt! It is just fine to split checks, just ask your server or bartender. I love ordering from their rotating menu as the presentation of each drink is creative and unique. Restaurant 181 Cuisine: Gourmet Style / Ambiance: As the name suggests, Restaurant 181 is situated 181 meters above to... View Article A gin and tonic will set you back about 5-6 Euro. If you look older than 12 you’re probably on the safe side at a bar, however, it is always good to have your ID on your at all times in case of emergency. Synonymous with creative expression, Lenbachs is in an artistic section of town. Bahnhofplatz 1, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, 80335 München. This small locally owned distillery is just south of Munich in the sleepy Alpine town of Schliersee, but don’t let the location fool you, this is world class whiskey and can hold its own. Besondere Präferenzen habe ich nicht; Hauptsache, alle … Looking for parties events in Schwabbruck? Learn how your comment data is processed. EINE BESONDERE REISE NACH MÜNCHEN BeeAround. If you’re celebrating an event as a local or just passing through, they have a back room where you can rent a bartender for your entire party! It is large, and there’s plenty of room to get your party on. I mean, who does? Erotic art hangs from the ceiling as DJs crank out dirty beats. You’ll feel right at home with a good drink in hand. This place has THE BEST to go pizza by the slice I have ever had. – pay please. Stop by their distillery for a tour or keep an eye out for it on the shelf at the local bar and ask for it by name! Munich is a pretty laid back city, but it is a wealthy and clean city. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend who lives in Munich or wants something fun to do as a local, check out their very own tastings and cocktail classes. Radler- is beer and lemonade mix. Read about places like Zwickl, Bodega Enlatado, Makassar. You can always check out the posters around town to see if anything piques your interest while you’re in town. Milchstraße 17, 81667 München. Freut euch auf besondere Tastings, Events in unseren Partner Bars und - ein Whisky Picknick! Register company: Sign up for a free entry in the city-map company list! You’ll get better than a cheap gin and tonic, but it’s not pretentious. Oktoberfest: If you’re an introvert, such as myself then don’t miss my Oktoberfest for Introvert’s guide. Mon-Fri: 3pm-9pm Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: Closed And don't forget your IDs! Die besten Rooftops mit Ausblick auf München. At 5 am the working servants could leave their masters- who would often still be asleep and enjoy a party of their own. Mitten in München ist dieses beliebte Steakhouse. The website is in German, but I trust you can navigate the ticketing system! They use paper straws, so they get extra love from me! If you’re looking for a great place to crash in central Munich, book a room at the 25Hours Hotel, The Royal Bavarian. Mon-Sat: 6pm-3am Sun: Closed Egal ob Sie ausgelassen feiern oder es lieber ruhig angehen möchten, auf Event Inc finden Sie bestimmt die passende Bar zum Mieten in München. They serve vegan wurst as well as meat options. This next section is for you. Dann klicken Sie sich am besten durch unser vielfältiges Portfolio zu dem Thema "Bar mieten München". The layout is a bit awkward, so if you don’t like tight dancefloors it might not be for you, but if the closer, the better, this is the place for you! Beer: Duh, right? The nightclubs are all in the same area spanning from Harry Klein at Sonnenstrasse to a bunch clustered around Königsplatz and quite a few in a row along Ottostrasse. Wines from all over the Franconia wine region are brought to Munich for a celebration and tasting event. Or book now at one of our other 1457 great restaurants in München. When someone cheers you, either with a beer or cocktail, it is custom to make eye contact with each person you cheers and say “Prost,” which means cheers. Ok, I’ll cave and give you a few pointers if you’re looking for something more top 40 mainstream. As mentioned above in the summer you’ll find lots of people hanging out and enjoying the long days of summer with drinks and music. Come early to eat dinner as their menu is almost as tasty as their drinks. This is often times how Germans can party so long, they make their drinks strong and then cut them in half. Additionally, it is often quite safe as a female. There is another grouping of clubs behind the Sbahn tracks at Ostbahnhof, it is usually a younger crowd, an international group and it’s a massive complex filled with lots of nightclubs and bars. This wasn’t always the case, as the cocktail scene is relatively new in Munich. This single malt distillery uses local malt from their neighbors to craft something truly Bavarian. JK, don’t stalk me, creeper. Live DJ music and a really attentive staff serving good drinks in combination with a very easy and outgoing crowd are the reason behind the popularity of Lizard Lounge. Local alcoholic drinks in Munich & Germany, Happy Solstice and Yuletide everyone! Enter your email address and we'll email you a link that you can use to log in. Tue-Sun: 6pm-2am Sun-Mon: Closed Address: Museumsinsel 1, Access via Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 München. It’s a great local watering hole where you can fit right in with people from around the world. Restaurants & Bars in München has 1,213 members. Ordering a drink at the bar in Germany is pretty easy. Munich, Bayern, Germany. . Feldkirchner Str. Bar München is considered by many as one of the best bars serving only high quality cocktails or wines, and also offering a fine selection of food. They can’t sell beer, but they can do tastings and tasting they do. Café Cord is located in a backyard just a stone throw away from many nightclubs and still seems to belong to a different world. Pack your swim shorts and get on the court. Besonders sind in der Contemporary Bar auch die großen Rundbogenfenstern, die dank einer schaltbaren Folie je nach Bedarf mal milchig, mal klarsichtig tiefere Ein- und Ausblicke verwehren oder ermöglichen. The music is loud, but it is big and 2 stories. It started as a way for poor working class people to enjoy a dance party, held on Sundays in summer. You can see on the image that quite a few of the bars I highlighted, like Flushing Meadows, Robinson’s, Holy Home, and Auroom are in this area. You can even take your souvenir glass home! This guide takes you beyond  beer and will lead you to rooftop bars for creative craft cocktails, unique microbreweries for Bavaria’s craft beer, local distilleries and spirits, the best dive bars, annual events and into the depths of Munich’s nightclubs to end the night. It’s hard to prioritize, what days will you be in town, and what are your tastes, I can send some personal recommendations. In der Rubrik Bars zeigen wir unsere Geheimtipps und Highlights für München rund um das Thema gute Drinks. Often bars are closed on Sunday or Monday, so always check hours if you’re in town on those two days. I enjoy Johnnie’s Tea or the Poison Monkey for when I am feeling crazy. Blumenstraße 15, 80331 München. Located in the swanky 25Hours The Royal Bavarian, the Boilerman Bar stands alone as a great cocktail bar. Munich has some fantastic events from whiskey expos to wine tastings. So you’ll find cheap bars, speakeasies, late night cafes with wifi and a mix of locals, uni students, and expats. Bar alle åbningstider, kontakter, anmeldelser Trautenwolfstraße 1, 80802 München. How cool is that? It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you’ll find a good time waiting for you once inside. Most beers in restaurants are about 3-5 Euros. The Park Cafe might be perfect for your group for dinner and some dancing after depending on the event they are hosting. With old purity laws preventing the rise of craft and microbrews, there wasn’t much variety to the beer in Munich, until now that is. I know most moonshines already do that, but this is woo… haha. Come here for cheap drinks and a strange experience you can only have in Munich. With unfinished wood and strange art, it has a cool vibe, but you’ll find a casual crowd and cheap drinks. I love the style of their brewery, and it screams hipster with open spaces and unfinished wood; you can even take a peek at their brewing process on site. Hier kann man im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zwanglos ausgehen: Einen Dresscode gibt es in der Woche nicht – ob gepflegte Alltagskleidung oder hoch-frivoles Outfit, im Cheers ist … The crowd tends to be local and the right combination of younger hipsters and middle-aged partiers. Whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find something on Eventbrite that piques your interest. Most people don’t come to Munich for their cocktails, but there are quite a few places that serve tasty cocktails ranging from classic to “only in Munich.”. We’d like to go to a late bar after the beer houses and then maybe a night club on one of the nights. Located in the swanky hotel Cortiina downtown, this wine bar does not disappoint. Thanks for all the recommendations. Another late night favorite of mine, their truffle pommes are to die for. Cortiino hotel Ledererstraße 8a, 80331 München. Aber das Besondere an diesem Restaurant in Altstadt-Lehel schlichtweg die Küche: Hier gibt es ein absolut authentisches und feines mongolisches Barbecue mit hausgemachten Marinaden und exotischen Gewürzen. Bräustuben is good for groups too! Dare you try them all? You can get quality cocktails made, or you can go for the budget gin and tonic route, but they have something for everyone. Die sieben coolsten Rooftop-Bars in München 16. The demand and interest now have the local distiller industry booming resulting in fresh gins, whiskeys and even rum named after Munich’s own Isar river. Get to know Munich's iconic bar and club scene and make new friends on this exciting tour through some of Munich's hippest and trendiest bars and clubs in Munich's party area while rolling around in a party bus. We’re not too bothered about hard core music but somewhere where people can dance or sit and chill. Dachauer Str. As well as a program of electronic music and DJ's. With crystal clear Alpine water and the perfect temperatures for maturing whiskey, this is a top contender in the world of whiskeys. bars - München. You might get a token you need to return with the glass, and other times the glass is the Pfand. Barvoting. They brew on location and have tasty food too, so bring your appetite and curiosity. Bar Gabanyi is dimly lit and moody with a piano in the corner with occasional live music to accompany cocktails. Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8A, 80333 München. What can I do today in Munich? 5, 80337 München, Germany is one of my favorite brew houses and they rent a whole area of it for large groups. Going to wine bars in Munich can make or break your wine experience. They have a wide range of craft beers from summer ales to imperial stouts, each one unique but true to their mission of quality ingredients and unique flavors. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We’re staying in aletstadt area and are planning on going to the Hofbräuhaus one night and another beer house another night (Augustiner Bräustuben maybe). Now, that is not to say that aren’t pockets and areas that are a bit sketchy or you should not take caution with your valuables. It’s a great dive bar to hang out with a young crowd and get drunk. (Thursday and Friday). There are some funky decor and a room for table fußball. Extremely stylish venue for a lunch or an evening drink. Olympia park. Die besten Bars in München. Again, I suggest trying to call ahead to a few places and see if you can reserve areas. Restaurant; Bar; NEWS +++++ TO GO: Mi – So von 17 bis 21 If you want to splurge and indulge in some decadency, this is the place for you. Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. As far as going out afterward, Filmcasino might be a good option, you can even reserve a table for dinner and it turns into a nightclub after. Browse through our website in order to view more services. Schellingstraße 22, 80799 München. Munich has more bars than you can drink your way through, but I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bars and dive bars in Munich for cheap, strong drinks and a wild night out. Don’t forget to pin to your favorite European or German board! The interior is furnished with design elements like the trumpet lamps over the bar. It’s in a great part of Munich too with lots of late night munchies and an Ubahn stop. "So different place from the usual Munich-style bars...." Dec 24, 2014 - See 34 photos from 724 visitors about good for singles, good for a late night, and authentic. The Duke was distilled by two students who had a dream to bring craft cocktail and spirits to Bavarian. Every year around the middle of July a wine fest takes place at the center of Munich. Skip the tourist traps & explore München like a local. Wed-Sat: Doors at 11 pm Open to 1 am on weekends This article is amazing! There might be what is called a Pfand attached to your total. Try the highball of the day or stick with a classic scotch and soda. They opened on the 850th birthday of beer culture in Munich, and they aimed to bring back basement brewing in this historic city. Here you get a calendar of the Munich events you should not miss - with highlights for the entire year! A large bar near the town center is called Kennedy’s and they might have a lot of room for people. It is a large and spacious location with the traditional dark wood and leather of an American craft bar. On these nights you can participate in a regional tasting and learn about the winemakers as you taste. I have more guides coming soon. Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. This Chocobo strives to do just that - take you to all hard to reach places, doing so sustainably and ethically, while always hitting pause for nerdy city breaks. Bitte bringt eure eigenen Gläser mit, außerdem Wasser und Snacks (sofern gewünscht). Gute Bars in München - 165.345 Bewertungen aus 52 Bewertungsportalen für insgesamt 377 Bars. Für genau solche Anlasse gibt es hier 11 besonders schicke Bars in München – et voilà! Open to 1 am on weekends Hier erfahren Sie, welche Szeneviertel Münchens Sie kennen sollten. The Chocobo is a mythical bird from a video game series. Their contact and hours are hard to pin down, but you can email them at: Wine is about the same price, with local wines on the cheaper end. It’s near the university and is a popular student hang out, which means cheap, strong drinks and good vibes. That’s why I picked out these best spots for wine in Munich that will delight your pallet, and you’re sure to find a new favorite wine. They also serve CREW Beer that I was talking about earlier. Unlike many other German cities, which tend to have an alternative fashion scene, Munich locals tend to dress smartly. If you wear large heels and revealing attire, I say go for it, but be prepared for stares. 7, 80335 München. Possibly the largest in Munich, you get that grungy industrial vibe as you dance the night away to Germanys top DJs and traveling acts. If not, let me know if you ever need more insider tips for Munich for partying or other hidden gem adventures! It is small and locally owned, so you know the quality and care put into distilling their product is top of the line. Most days from 5pm-10pm with tasting and tours starting later around 7 pm. München ist keine bekannte Hochburg für Szeneviertel, dafür gibt es immer noch Berlin. In this day and age, some beer-loving Germans have made a bold decision to step away from traditional, and some fantastic Bavarian and Munich microbreweries were born. Im Mongo’s in München ist das Essen der Star, könnte man sagen. check out their very own tastings and cocktail classes. . I find the same, it seems even people who have been here a while have pretty lame suggestions. Located in the former bones of a cozy old Munich house, the atmosphere of Barroom in Munich is one of the best parts of this cocktail bar. What started in a garage is still made by hand and only shipped locally around the Bavarian area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this popular beer outside of Munich, so make sure to stop by and try something light and refreshing like the Lemondrop with 7.5% alcohol, their seasonal brews or a new twist on a traditional Helles. There’s lots of space so you should be just fine walking in and partying.

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